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About Us

Real  Value in a changing World

Rumelo is a real estate company built on decades of knowledge and trusts with an international clientele. Renowned for being a household name in Abuja, Lagos, United Kingdom and Dubai's high-end luxury real estate market, our priority is to provide excellent service for buyers and vendors alike, which is why our team is consistently equipped to meet the highest standards. We take great pride in what we do, continually adapting to the ever-changing realm of real estate through hard work and innovative thinking

Our Story

Rumelo was Started in 2012, by its founder Ruby Edet, who was a Real Estate Agent since 2008 in the streets of Abuja. Ruby, although possessing many talents, her way with people was the most recognisable of them all. she possesses a gift that enables her to read people with ease, motivating them and driving them to feel inspired.

As leaders in the Nigerian International Real Estate market, the standards that we have set must constantly be up to par, and expectations are to be continually met. Over the years, Rumelo has not only set out to build well-structured marketing strategies but assembled a strong team of individuals who are experts in their respective fields to lead our marketing department.

Meet The Team

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